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Shear Plate connection drag capacity

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Dear Mr. Rudolph: I feel that for shear connections subjected to axial load, such as in your case of drag beam, you may want to use a shear tab connection welded to the column and bolted to the beam web. I have included some information on design of such connections in the Steel TIPS: Design of Shear Tab Connections for Gravity and Seismic Loads  <>
PDF files of Steel TIPS reports can be downloaded from  free of charge by California and Nevada and for a minimal cost for others. There is also a Steel TIPS report on design considerations for double angle and Tee shear connections subjected to combined shear and axial load.
Hope this helps.
A. Astaneh-Asl
Professor, UC-Berkeley

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Subject: Shear Plate connection drag capacity

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Hi Listers
I am working on a single story wood framed building with a moment frame =
and steel beam line in the center of it.  I need to connect a w12x40 =
beam to the column of a moment frame(the w12x40 is not part of the =
moment frame).  The w12x40 is a drag member with a 15k =
tension/compression force plus a 30k gravity load.  I asked the AISC =
steel guys and they said to use a double angle shear plate ( a 3 bolt =
connection) without any reasoning to tell me how they determined the =
tension/compression capacity was calculated or adequate. I can't find =
reference to this in any steel book I have.  What is common for this =

Tim Rudolph
Pinyon Engineering
Bishop CA

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