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The situation is a little bit different.  On our drawings, we refer to ICC reports for the use of epoxy anchors.  From 01/01/07, these report specifically say, that these anchors are for use only in the UBC Zones 1 and 2A.  This means that whatever the code is, the ICC reports are not supporting the use of these anchors in the seismic zones 3 and 4.
As we know, the cities still require the ICC report backing for the anchors.  Obviously, the anchors (and the code-prescribed seismic forces) are still the same, but the ICC backing is no longer there. 
My question was - how to formally deal with that?
V. Steve Gordin, SE
Irvine CA
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You mean 2008 when the new building code takes effect.


As long as the 2001 California Building Code is in effect, there should be no issues.


Hilti will be issuing revised reports to accommodate the new acceptance criteria this summer.

Michael Bryson, SE


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Good morning.


Starting January 1, 2007, all HILTI epoxy anchors are effectively excluded from usage in the areas of high seismicity (UBC Zones 3 and 4, or IBC equivalents).  Apparently, this situation affects all (not only HILTI) epoxy anchors, and the timing to resolve that situation is currently unknown.


This means that no ICC reports are currently available to support the engineers decision to use chemical anchors in the areas of high seismicity.


Does anybody have the experience of dealing with such situation during the plancheck?


Thank you,


V. Steve Gordin, SE
Irvine CA