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RE: aci 350 applicability?

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ACI 350 is intended to apply to the types of liquid-containing structures used at water and wastewater treatment plants (see ACI 350, Section,  with consideration to liquid-tightness and durability.  I do not think that it would technically apply to swimming pools, but some of the concepts used in 350 could be considered for any liquid-containing concrete structure.
In ACI 350-01, 'z' is intended to limit crack widths for liquid-containing environmental structures with consideration of durability and liquid-tightness; in ACI 318, 's' is intended to limit crack widths primarily as an aesthetic control.  In reality, flexural cracks tend not to leak, since part of the section is still in compression; cracks due to shrinkage and direct tension tend to be full depth cracks that leak.  Thus, 'z' probably does more for corrosion protection than for leak protection.  
Bill Sherman

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Subject: water sloshing question / aci 350 applicability?

Chris, and others...
Awhile ago, we were discussing a water sloshing problem solved with FEM and a veritable tiger and a boy with a stick.
I just came across this article, see above link.

Second part... question...?

for ACI 350, and swimming pools, do these two things go together?

if we have a swimming pool or cistern, do we need to consider z?  or just ACI 318 s?
z in the yes:  110 lb/in I assume?

Thanks in advance.