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re: online plan stamper

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My initial excitement over that guy getting hung up for plan stamping quickly disappeared when I saw how light the fines were. I agree with everyone's assessment, and Ben made a great point- you could easily pay more for parking in a handicap parking spot or littering or something like that.
I would say the Board of PA is not even practicing good economic sense, as the money spent investigating and processing this case, and having the board convene, would easily exceed $250!!
Since just yesterday I took an online class for me Florida PE CEUs on the Admin Laws, this offense of "PLAN STAMPING" is a minimum $1000. But since the intent was so clear, he had a WEBSITE clearly advertising to sign and seal work under which he was not in responsible charge of, I cannot believe they went so easy on him. And I would say he commited multiple offenses: negligence, misconduct, and general immoral engineering practice. His act of signing and sealing plans that he would have had little knowledge of could have easily resulted in a structural failure if he was signing structural drawings...
Well, at least they got him stopped. And who said punishments in this country always match the crime?
Andrew Kester, PE
Lake Mary, FL
N:Andrew Kester;PE
FN:Andrew Kester, PE