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RE: Lumber Moment Frame Connection

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I can’t visualize your connection. But the fundamental requirement of a building code is evidence-of-suitability. So if your codes define performance criteria for a connection, and such performance can be demonstrated by calculation, I don’t see why it would be rejected, if such evidence is submitted for approval.


However, discussions on this listserver, seem to indicate that there in the USA, there are severe performance criteria on connections subject to earthquake loading, and the fatigue, ductility and robustness requirements are difficult to demonstrate by calculation, so you seem to have a great deal of testing and test certificate requirements. Under such circumstances not accepting a connection seems reasonable.


How do straps transfer moment and the shear at the beam column connection?






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From: Jim Chatterley PE [mailto:cfs2000(--nospam--at)]
Sent: Thursday, 1 March 2007 12:15
To: Seaint
Subject: Lumber Moment Frame Connection


    Last week a county plan check engineer (Southern California) refused to consider a connection detail using custom steel "T" straps 3/16" thick on both sides - connecting a 6 x 12 beam to a 6 x 6 lumber column ( 2 each 5/8" dia machine bolts in each leg of the "T" Straps).  The lateral force on the simple shed roof 8 foot high patio cover was 2,240 foot- pounds.  

    The plan checker insisted that unless the client would be willing to use bolted lumber "Knee Braces" they would not issue a building permit.  Stating that there is no code approved heavy timber moment frame connection. 

    Your comments please.


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