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Re: Allowable Out-of-Plane Lateral Deflections of Masonry Veneers

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The Central Mortgage & Housing Corporation of Canada undertook a study of this problem back in the late 80's. I have a 2.5 inch thick binder of their report. They studied 4 buildings across Canada from 1 coast to the other. Basically, they found faults even with structures that provided a rigid back-up such as reinf concrete. Several factors contributed to moisture penetration and they presented a lot of information which I never waded through-- a lot of it being archie stuff. In summary, I would go with the BIA recommendation.

Stuart, Matthew wrote:

Back in the early 1980’s I believe, when Architect’s started to go with gage metal stud back up walls in lieu of CMU, the resulting flexibility of the metal studs resulted in a number of problems with masonry veneers primarily as a result of water infiltration through the mortar joints as the brick flexed to a point in which there was actual separation between the brick and the mortar at the joint interface. The metal stud industry and brick industry began pointing fingers at one another with the BIA responding with an H/600 criterion. Most design engineers at the time had trouble accepting this criterion because after all L/360 had worked for stucco finishes for some time. Never the less the H/600 got codified into ACI 530 which adopted the criteria for vertical deflection _only_.

Does anyone have any insight into the current lack of connection between ACI 530 vertical deflection limitations and the current BIA recommendations for H/600 out-of-plane lateral deflection limitations? This is an issue because the ACI is a Code and the BIA provides recommendations only.

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