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Re: Allowable Out-of-Plane Lateral Deflections of Masonry Veneers

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Somebody needs to tell the ICC. Per their requirements, wood stud back up for brick veneer (well, any material actually) is allowed to be 2x6 on 16" centers for up to 18' tall walls.


Daryl Richardson wrote:
Adam, and others,

L/360 is not an adequate limit on brick veneer walls! L/600 would seem tolerable; L/720 is probably preferred.

Following is a Canadian history lesson to back up the above statement. Those not interested should go on to the next posting.

A good many years ago Canadian engineers and architects were using metal stud and brick veneer exterior walls extensively due to their cost advantage. However, there came to be a lot of insurance claims; as a result ENCON (the insurance underwriter for most engineers and architects in Canada) wrote to all of their policy holders (myself included) strongly recommending that the system no longer be used. CSSBI ( Canadian Sheet Steel Building Institute) took exception to this for obvious reasons and countered with a proposal to use L/720 as the standard AND to have all metal stud wall system installations subjected to structural engineering supervision, including stamped shop drawings and stamped engineering inspection reports. As a result, L/720 has become the standard for most engineers I know. Stamped shop drawings and inspection reports are generally provided by an engineer retained by the contractor rather than the EOR, a practice I am not in complete agreement with, however, that is the subject of another posting.


H. Daryl Richardson

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