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Re: Lumber Moment Frame Connection

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All good responses, indeed. Unfortunately, this is a difficult modeling problem to simulate wood connections and wood failure modes. Perhaps the fiber composite material folks have the best chance of dealing with it, but the number of interactions are beyond the overall scope of most analysis software from 6-8 years ago when I did modeling all the time.

The ability to model stocastic vibrations is not the issue, but in determining the actual input spectrum. Running a model for a random input with a known PSD is trivial, and was common in the mechanical arena 20 years ago (which is as far back as my analysis history goes). I suppose this is actually a non-starter, as we all "agree" on code levels of input - it's only the modeling of plastic range properties and hysteresis that prevents the detailed analysis.

It seems that there's more emotion, anecdotal (poor) construction evidence, and lack of testing on this subject for the most part, and much of it centers around which R value is taken (i.e - how much the connection is underdesigned for the actual loads based on the presumed damping due to plastic effects).


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