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Re: Lumber Moment Frame Connection

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This is kind of what I was getting at. If you use an R=1, you should be at the elastic design level (though using a static load to test for a dynamic conditions isn't really 1:1) and have a reasonable certainty that the design should hold up. You can debate the merits of allowing hysteresis due to plastic effects and whether or not they are a true representation of the behavior, but if you design never to go plastic, do we care?

Here's one from the still-not-a-good-idea-file: If your ground motions are imposing a deflection (translational and.or rotational) at your ground interface which would enforce plastic deflections in the system, what happens to your theoretical elastic structure. Will it result in a brittle failure? Is that a necessary and/or prudent case to consider?


Robert Kazanjy wrote:
This has been a great thread (even though, it drifted a little far from patio covers)

To refocus on the Jim's question & follow up on Scott's comment

IF one used values out of the NDS  AND used a R=1

would (should?) this engineered solution (custom 3/16" L strap both sides) pass plan check?

Plus is Jim's solution better or worse than the "plan check acceptable" knee braces?

IMO, if properly designed, its got be a lot better than knee braces.


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