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Re: cold applied galv.

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From an ex-fabricator's point of view, products like "Galvafroid" are like a paint but difficult to apply because you have to clean the surface well and then apply a coating with the consistency of tar. Reportedly it is supposedly about 90% as effective as hot-dip galvanizing. The people I talk to would rather use the hot-dip process unless it is something too small to ship to a galvanizer or it is a repair or something in place which can't be removed. Hope this helps.

Michael Laplante wrote:
Anybody with experience in cold applied Galvanization products. I have been approached by a contractor to use such a product instead of hot dip galvanization. This is not a zinc rich paint. The pieces that require the treatment are the size of a breadbox therefore are not problematic for the hot dipping process. Mike
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