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Brace connection at mid-point

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In using cross-bracing connected at the mid-point and designed for tension-compression loads, must both braces be "continuous" thru the joint?  In tension-only bracing it is common to interrupt one member and connect with a gusset plate at the mid-point, but it is not clear if the same details can be used for tension-compression bracing.  In looking thru references on the AISC website, I could not find direct disussion of continuiuty of diagonal braces.  I have seen various articles that discuss the use of the tension brace to laterally support the compression brace with respect to "effective length" - but a discontinued brace would "encourage" buckling at the mid-point vs a continuous brace.  If true full lateral support is provided at the mid-point perhaps it should not matter, but reducing the buckling capacity of the compression brace and relying solely on the tension brace to prevent buckling at the mid-point seems like a bad idea.
If possible, please provide references that address this situation.