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For that depth, you will need a backer rod, which is placed in the joint first and provides a “foundation” for the joint sealant to be poured against. I have copied a typical spec for the backer material:


1.1              General:  Provide joint-sealant backer materials that are nonstaining; are compatible with joint substrates, sealants, primers, and other joint fillers; and are approved for applications indicated by joint-sealant manufacturer based on field experience and laboratory testing.

1.2              Round Backer Rods for Cold- and Hot-Applied Sealants:  ASTM D 5249, Type 1, of diameter and density required to control sealant depth and prevent bottom-side adhesion of sealant.

1.3              Backer Strips for Cold- and Hot-Applied Sealants:  ASTM D 5249; Type 2; of thickness and width required to control sealant depth, prevent bottom-side adhesion of sealant, and fill remainder of joint opening under sealant.


Round Backer Rods for Cold-Applied Sealants:  ASTM D 5249, Type 3, of diameter and density required to control sealant depth and prevent bottom-side adhesion of sealant




Hope this helps,


Randall H. Collier, P.E.


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I have a 12” thick slab on ground.  I’m wondering how deep the saw cut joints should be.  ACI 302.1R-04 “Guide to Concrete Floor & Slab Construction” does not have a recommended saw cut depth.  I have a 1989 version of the same standard where the recommended cut depth is 1/4 the slab thickness.  In this case the cut is 3” deep.  The joint then needs to be filled with a semi-rigid joint filler.  The tables I see for joint filler only go up to a joint depth of 1.75 inches.   Is anyone aware of other recommendations for shrinkage control joint depth for thick slab? 


Thanks for your help.


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