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Re: wood trusses above pool and spa

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Should trusses have been designed using trated wood for the wet service condition? I do have some projects where due to wet service condition I need to design as such.
Ramesh Savaliya, P.Eng.
GenesisTP Inc.
Mississauga, Canada

Christopher Banbury <cbanbury(--nospam--at)> wrote:
I am investigating a masonry clubhouse where the gypsum board ceiling is cracking and movingl. The activity is in the ceiling above the indoor heated pool and spa. I have not seen any problems in the offices and other common areas.
The ceiling is nailed directly to bottom chord of the engineered wood trusses.
The main crack corresponds with the location of the hip girder but the gypsum board is also pulling away from the wall in places.  I suspect that the high humidity is causing the wood trusses to shrink and swell.
Does anyone know of a supplier of small analog barometer devices that I can use to monitor the humidity in the attic and building?
It would need to be able to indicate the high and low humidity.
I would also appreciate any suggestions on sealing and/or ventilating the attic space to prevent future activity.
Thanks in advance.
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