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Concrete Veneer Sandwich Panel: Racking Shear Testing Protocol

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    I anticipate bidding on a DESIGN-BUILD project that will be constructed using a bearing wall sandwich panels for a 4 level apartment building.    The typical sandwich panel bearing wall is constructed from an inner core of 4 inch thick Expanded Polystyrene Foam.  The veneer on both sides of the wall is 2 inch thick 2500 +/- PSI shotcrete applied concrete.  The concrete veneer is reinforced by a 3 dimensional matrix of 2 x 2 inch wire mesh and wire truss assembly. 
    I anticipate the requirement for a racking shear testing under the administration of an ICC certified testing laboratory.  Is there a published ASTM, ICC Acceptance Criteria, or ACI committee protocol that describes an acceptable testing procedure for :
*  Racking  In-plain Shear testing for concrete shear walls?
*  Aspect Ratio (minimum height to width dimensions of the tested walls)?
*  Cycle time of the racking forces?
*  Number and amplitude of the cycle forces?
    Any experienced testing guidance will be appreciated. 
Jim L. Chatterley PE
Composite Framing Systems, Inc.
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