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Re: Steel floor plate

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As a followup to Chris' post - people are most sensitive to vibrations in the 4-9 Hz range, though the range is a little wider if the vibration magnitude is large. 11 Hz is a good cutoff to shoot for.

If you're using a plate, you might see if a local technical library has "Formulas for Natural Frequency and Mode Shape" by Robert Blevins to get your plate fundamental frequencies. It allows for a variety of edge conditions (pinned/fixed/free) of square plates. It's a really good reference for circuit board vibrations, not that we do any of that here, but it has applications from time to time. It has rect, ellpitical, round, annual plates as well, and some treatment of the effects of composite assemblies. It also has portal frame vibrational modes and data on curved beams. I know that we all grab the FEM for this stuff now, but it's nice to have a reference you can use to check your output.


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