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Re: Concrete Veneer Sandwich Panel: Racking Shear Testing Protocol

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Following are some older reports concerning the insulated concrete panels:

W-Panel System - Report no. 2440.   Ted Anvick worked with CS&M out of Chino, California as a consultant as well as designing a number of interesting W-Panel structures.  Some of his structures were folded plate buildings, both roofs and tall walls.   Our firm produced a 220+ page design manual for CS&M in 1978.

Insteel System - check their NER 454.

Impac System - check their report no. 3509.

I'm sure that Ted can provide you with the necessary expertise.   His license says his address is in Fullerton.

Neil Moore, SE, SECB
neil moore and associates
shingle springs, california

distressed structures investigations

At 07:46 AM 3/12/2007, Jim Chatterley PE wrote:
    I anticipate bidding on a DESIGN-BUILD project that will be constructed using a bearing wall sandwich panels for a 4 level apartment building.    The typical sandwich panel bearing wall is constructed from an inner core of 4 inch thick Expanded Polystyrene Foam.  The veneer on both sides of the wall is 2 inch thick 2500 +/- PSI shotcrete applied concrete.  The concrete veneer is reinforced by a 3 dimensional matrix of 2 x 2 inch wire mesh and wire truss assembly. 
    I anticipate the requirement for a racking shear testing under the administration of an ICC certified testing laboratory.  Is there a published ASTM, ICC Acceptance Criteria, or ACI committee protocol that describes an acceptable testing procedure for :
*  Racking  In-plain Shear testing for concrete shear walls?
*  Aspect Ratio (minimum height to width dimensions of the tested walls)?
*  Cycle time of the racking forces?
*  Number and amplitude of the cycle forces?
    Any experienced testing guidance will be appreciated. 
Jim L. Chatterley PE
Composite Framing Systems, Inc.
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