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Re: Circular Plate with Hole at Center

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What I would do is run a FEA on the plate. And how much load are you putting on it? The thickness depends on the load. I don't believe it's appropriate to design it as a beam with to take a maximum moment. You would have stress concentration built up all around the hole.

Xavier A.

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Subject: Circular Plate with Hole at Center

Hello All,

I work in the Precast concrete industry and have been
asked by my clients to design a simply supported
circular concrete plate ? 9?-0? DIA with a 2?-6? DIA
Hole at the center. The plate supports a uniform load
over the entire area. Due to shipping restrictions, I
have been asked to keep the thickness of the plate as
small as possible.

I have lost my Roark?s Formula?s book and I am
wondering if some of you have a formula for
calculating the max moment in the plate. If so could
you please send it to me ? I would highly appreciate

Thank you so kindly in advance and have a good day!

Arshad Vali, S.E.

Email: Arshad.Vali(--nospam--at)

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