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Re: 14' Tall concrete Wall

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In-plane shear is not your problem I assume.

What area are you in? Seismic design would mean you need to check the connection at the top for wall anchorage forces (and the minimum).

I don't see how you can be having shear problems at the base without earth loads. A single #5 dowel can transfer a few kips.

Is it the shear between the grade beam and the drilled pier or the wall and the grade beam?


On 3/14/07, Adjebli(--nospam--at) <Adjebli(--nospam--at)> wrote:
Hello, I have a 14' tall wall for a residence, the joist, roof are sitting on top of wall, the wall is 8" thick and sitting on pier foundation spaced about 13' o.c. I designed it as a cantilever beam and another case supported on both ends, I end up having a big shear at the base connection. The concrete will not resist the shear base, I was thinking to reinforce it at the base with  stirrups a the the pier wall connection.
Is there anybody who faced this situation? Thank you