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Re: 14' Tall concrete Wall

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basically, you need to make the bottom of the wall like a grade beam (i.e. widen it). A skinny 8" wall spanning over the drilled piers doesn't give you many places to transfer the load.

Basically, design the wall stem, design the grade beam to support the stem (not monolithic with stem), and then space the drilled piers so you can transfer the shear out. You should have the 4 bars (at least depending on the diameter of the drilled pier) from the drilled pier anchoring and hooking up into the grade beam, I doubt that's easily accomplished if your 8" wall is simply sitting on a pier.

You will also have torsion in your grade beam in this case that you must check between piers.

Your other option is to run vertical column elements above the drilled pier to create a soldier wall type of system with the lateral load in the retaining wall being resisted by horizontal flexure of the wall. Then you must check the depth of the piers to resist the bending and the tranfer to the column above the soil line/t.o. drilled pier to the col/pilaster


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Thank you for your reply, The 14' tall wall is resiting the back fill which I assume it as fluid-equivalent of 50psf. I am in Colorado which is B seismic zone. My problem is the connection foundation wall-pier where I have a big shear force at the connection.