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Re: 14' Tall concrete Wall

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The piers must be pretty massive to carry those shear and moment loads.  With 50pcf equivalent fluid, 14 feet tall wall on piers at 13 ft on centers, I get about 63.7K/pier shear and 22.9 k-ft/pier moment without considering seismic. With a typical stiff soil that would tranaslate to about 4'-0" Ø x 29 ft deep, a little heavier than your normal residential piers.  Have you thought of smaller more closely spaced piers or providing tiebacks?
Bill Cain, SE
Berkeley CA
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Thank you for your reply, The 14' tall wall is resiting the back fill which I assume it as fluid-equivalent of 50psf. I am in Colorado which is B seismic zone. My problem is the connection foundation wall-pier where I have a big shear force at the connection.

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