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Re: 14' Tall concrete Wall

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In Marin SOP is more like 18" dia. with 6"x10" stirrups. 14' is a serious retaining wall. If it's all cut, that will usually put you into good rock & a keyway sometimes works better than piers.
Chuck Utzman, PE

bcainse(--nospam--at) wrote:
14" Ø piers don't sound adequate for the loads you are talking about even with the reduced spacing. With 3" clear to reinforcing your outside of your spirals would have a diameter of only 10 inches, theoretically and drillers can't get that close to your theoretical position. Figure at least 1 to 2" horizontal tolerance and the circle gets even smaller.
Bill Cain SE
Berkeley CA
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Hello, Yes I am reducing the pier spacing to 6' 6" and make the 14" Diameter, while The foundation wall 10" and a counterfort wall inside
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