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20 year wood study question

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Title: 20 year wood study question


I think you are referring to the In-grade test program. Here's a link to an FAQ on our website that lists several resources:



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From: "Dennis Wish" <dennis.wish(--nospam--at)>
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Subject: 20 year wood study question

March 14, 2007
Re: Trying to find documents about wood stress reduction
I am trying to locate information that is relatated to a 20 year study done on available wood used in construction and which was used in either the 1991 or 1994 UBC to reduce bending and shear values in the code. I know this goes back to the mid to late 90's but I am in need of a summary of the study and can't recall if it was done by the Forest Products Lab, AF&PA or AITC. Those of you in California may recall that the summary indicated that mature Douglas Fir harvested since the study started in the late 60's or early 70's concluded that choice lumber was no longer as plentiful as it had been. The 1994 UBC (if I recall) reduced material stresses or possibly the Modulus of Elasticity for lumber and also introduced more finger-jointed lumber into construction for stud use.

I can't recall where the study originated and would like to find a copy for reference. I remember that we discussed it for a while on the SEAINT List and it may have not have been adopted until the 97 UBC was codified.

If anyone has the document or any information that can lead me to the 20 year study, please let me know by e-mailing me privately or by posting back on this list.