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Vish's responses

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I was wondering if someone could give me a ballpark figure on what one seat
of the Tekla Software runs.
We got our first license for US$21,000
This was a price for India only three years ago.
They had pulled out a few teeth. Analysis was not included.
Some facilities for creating output for CNC machines in some specialized formats were also disabled.
You can opt for a "lite" version and get it at an even lower price.
The US price was $25000 per seat at that time.
In India there is  deferred payment scheme.
You can pay in four instalments spread out over a year.
I am not sure if they allow Americans this facility.
The prices reduce as you buy more licences.
If you want only one, they act high and mighty.
With a liberal budget, and a plan to buy multiple licenses, you can do a bit of arm twisting and get them to agree on much lower prices.
We bought our fourth license for US $16,000 last year.
I have heard of people smarter than I who paid even less.
If you announce you want 25 licences and they believe you, you will have the sales chap groveling before you!

Is there a voice chatting cyber place out there that steel detailers
gather for direct communication?
Randy, Ed, what you think? Are you up to the task or should I create
There was one quite some time ago but that was not voice chat.
You had to type your messages and get an immediate response.
I used to log in and found no one else logged in.
The hours were not unearthly.
In spite  of that there wasn't a soul around.
The deathly silence resembed haunted portals.
I quit.
I doubt if a chat forum will be popular.
Even the number of messages to the list have been reducing over the years.
People seem to be too busy.
I am willing to log in if the chat forum beomes active again.
It would be a pleasure to round off the day with a gossip session with some of you.
What is good software to capture partial screen shots of rendered 3D models?
I have been using Snag-It but it loses resolution when I paste it into an
e-mail. Thanks for your advice.
Clint Strain, P.E.
Tekla Structures has a built-in facility to capture screen shots.
We use it often to send 3D pictorial views to illustrate our Rfi when needed.
It saves it as a bmp file.
The file size is large.
We convert it to jpg and reduce the file size drastically with a small reduction in picture quality.
Have you tried sending the mail as an external attachment instead of pasting it into the mail?

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