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Wind load for canopies

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I am looking at a canopy on the side of a building using ASCE 7-05. says to add the results using Cp=.8 to the pressures determined using figures 6-6 and 6-10.  I'm kind of OK with that.  The qsubh values use a value GCpi which can be taken from figure 6-5.  I'm guessing that the value of GCpi is determined if the building backing up the canopy is "open", "enclosed" or "partially enclosed".  Is that correct? Actually, it wouldn't make sence to even have the coefficient in the equation since the canopy is most likely open whereas the GCpi would be zero, or am I incorrect there?  I haven't run the area calcs for the canopy, I'm just assuming that it would be zero.
Also, for the MFRS values you are sent to figure 6-6 for Cp.  are the h/l values for the dimension ratios of the building or the canopy?
I'm confused!!  I really hate this wind code.
Any help out there this late night?