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RE: Crack next to wall control joint

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Spacing of CIP wall CJ’s is a function of the height per ACI recommendations.  If the wall is very short (5-feet + or _) and the CJ’s are spaced at 25-30 feet you might not have them spaced close enough together to do the job.


Matthew Stuart

Structural Department


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For exposed concrete walls – basement, retaining etc. we typically show control joints at 25ft or 30ft oc. Our detail shows the horizontal wall reinforcing stopping each side of the joint, the joint is to be notched one fourth the wall depth from each side of the wall with chamfered corners then filled with caulk. We also show smooth greased dowel rods in the center of the wall to try to maintain wall alignment.


Using this detail we have a project where we have a vertical crack about one foot or so from the CJ. Our client would like an explanation. Besides the possibility of the wall reinforcing not stopping at the joint or the concrete just not being as smart as it should be – can any of you provide any insight or into what might be going on? Does our detail sound like a typical detail you use or do you have any further suggestions?




Mark L. Puccio P.E., S.E.