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Re: Follow-up on License Renewal in California

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In a message dated 3/21/2007 11:29:54 AM Pacific Daylight Time, dennis.wish(--nospam--at) writes:


Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I received a message this morning from Vicky at the PELS office in Sacramento California regarding the processing of the renewal of our licenses that expires on 3/31 and were sent out late by the state. I don’t know if this is accurate since it conflicts with the information I received yesterday. Vicky said that the license is considered renewed on the date that the payment was mailed into to PELS or to the Department of Consumer Affairs and that it normally takes them four to six weeks to process payment and send out updated cards with the 3/31/09 expiration date.

She was adament that I can start using the expiration date of 3/31/09 even though they have not been able to verify that the payment was processed by DCA. I wish I had this in writing and thinking of David Topete’s question, I am wondering if this is covered in the B&P act?

Does anyone know if it is the B&P code?


Again, as of this morning, I received a call from the Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors Board that said our license is considered renewed the date that the payment was mailed rather than the date it was confirmed processed. I see a lot of potential doors being opened for disagreement on this response – what if the payment is lost in processing or in the mail (although we all know that mail is never lost – just not always found).










Dennis S. Wish, PE

California Professional Engineer

Structural Engineering Consultant

C-41250 (Exp. 3/31/09)



I started using the 3-31-09 date in January because of the plan check processing time.
Joe Venuti
Johnson & Nielsen Associates
Palm Springs, CA

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