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Re: quality of works

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On Mar 25, 2007, at 3:08 AM, Radoslav Petrov wrote:

The Owner wants not to reject the work which is not in accordance with
the specs but to retain some money.
Without knowing who you work for or where the hotel complex is, I can only say that this would cost you your license to practice in the US, and might make you personally responsible for a disaster. It's the worst kind of negligence and as close as dammit to collusion in bribery. In effect the owner is taking money for ignoring sub- standard construction. Stay away from it--it's illegal and unethical and you'll probably be the fall guy when something happens.

I may be reading too much into your e-mail, but you can do a little test for yourself by asking the owner if it's OK if you send him notice in writing of the defects you've found and the money that's involved with a copy to the building safety authorities or the insurors. The response will tell you a lot.

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