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RE: Metal siding and roofing as a diaphragm

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Thanks for the info!  Sounds like this would be perhaps the "source" document for analyzing metal siding acting as a structural diaphragm.  The book lists for about $100 or so - which I can cover through the client.

Eric Ober <eober(--nospam--at)> wrote:
Try the Metal Construction Association.  They have a ?Primer on Diaphragm Design? which provides information to design metal panel diaphragms over wood or metal supports.  There are some tabular values for various deck profiles but the basic equations for calculating the capacity are provided.  I don?t remember the cost to be honest but it?s not cheap either.  Larry Luttrell (who wrote the SDI manual) also co-wrote this one.
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Why don' t you try the SDI (Steel Deck Institute) documentation. I believe they have a design manual that spells out methods to design roof diaphragms.


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I am searching for diaphragm design values/guides for metal siding applied to wood girts to evaluate an existing building pole barn type structure.  The only resource I have found through Google is the Post Frame Building Design Manual published by the NFBA.  This book is also referenced by AWC.  Is there any other place to find this information that might not cost $150?  Is this information based on engineering methods that I can reference and have approved by a 3rd party engineer?
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