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Sharing Neils tip on Neat Excel Equation Writer

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Stee-Detail and Misciron-detail List members,
Neil Moore from the SEAINT list (where I am lurking member)  had posted the this tip a few days ago.
I am reproducing it below.
I love Excel and use it like a Swiss army knife for anything and everything.
Excel's inability to make cell formulas read exactly like we write them on paper was the only major grouse I had against it. Excel's formulas are compact and good for execution but not for documentation and later reviewing.
The multilevels of parentheses, the mathematical operators etc are all in one line and it takes some effort to read and understand them in all except trivial cases.
This free addon from  was just what I needed.
Download it from the link mentioned.
Execute it and it adds one more tool bar to your excel sheet to be used if needed.
You can now document your calcs in a separate column and the stuff on the numerator and those in the denominator will appear as they should. Greek symbols and Square root symbols too print the way they should and it looks great. When you change the formulas, you can update the display of all formulas with a single click.
There are  other formatting and presentation options to suit user preferences.
The formulas display as graphic objects and you can move them around and space them.
For me, Excel's only shortcoming when compared to Mathcad is now addressed.
I have tried it and it took a little more effort from me than I thought, to learn to use it properly.
(The grey cells under my grey hear are wearing out)
If you are connected to the net, you can take the on line Flash tutorial to learn how to use it.
I had to run it a few times to get the hang of it.
Smarter folks among you will pick it up in fifteen minutes flat.
I am now comfortable with it.
I recommend it heartily to all those who use Excel for calculations and who want to present their calculations in a more readable format.
Neat Excel Equation Writer
To all Excel users:
A week ago on the Spreadsheet section of the forum, I
was directed to a website that has a gratis small program which will
graphically display a written formula.
Check it out:
Neil Moore, SE, SECB
Thank you Neil.
Any relation to Michael Moore?
I just read "Dude, where's my country" and found it thrilling. A lot of it applies to India too. The names, places and situations are different but the story is similar here in India.
I am looking for his earlier book "Stupid White Men" which they tried to throttle and couldn't.

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