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Re:Sharing Neils tip on Neat Excel Equation Writer

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The formula cell references are replaced by the 
names automagically. So the obscure B4*B11/(2*B9*B10-1.2*B4) becomes 
the highly readable P*D/(2*S*E-1.2*P) in the twinkling of an eye.

My reference was not to the way the formulas are written for execution by the programmer.
My reference was to the way the calculation is presented to  a reader.
Assigning names to cells is common and known to most spreadsheet users.
I do it all the time.
But even after assgining names, wouldn't it be better if:
Instead of:
We have
D x (2xSxE - 1.2xP)
This is what this neat equation writer acoomplishes.
The formula in your example is a very simple formula.
More complex formulas will benefit even more from this utility.
The cell formulas (with cell address or variable names) is preserved.
IN ADDITION, this equation writer displays these formulas as graphic objects in another column by the side of each equation to make it even more readable (The Mathcad way)
Let me know if I should send you a sample calculation in pdf format illustrating what this utliity does so that you can compare with what is presently available in Excel.
Off topic,
One of my American friends in the steel detail list does not fancy Michael Moore and plainly told me so in his mail to me.
To prevent him and other friends from getting the feeling that I have just become a  hoarse-throated venomously anti-Bush and flag waving Michael Moore follower , I wrote the following mail in reply.
Read if interested. It's not important. I have replaced his name with *****
Thanks ***** for responding.
Stupid White Men is available in India too but not readily.
My son has promised to look around for it in second hand book shops.
He also told me one of his friends has a copy and may arrange to borrow it for me for a few days if he can't get one from  the local bookstores.
I have noted you don't share my enthusiasm for this author.
I am a neutral  outsider as regards American Politics  and I am neither pro Moore  nor anti Moore.
I just found his style of writing humorous and interesting and want to read more.
I fully realize that a lot of what he has said against Bush and the Republicans can be rebutted.
I am sure that he could have written an even more provocative and entertaining book on Clinton and his amorous activities at the White House if he had wanted to.
In India it is difficult to write a provocative book like this and get away.
In India, an author can be harassed by pressure groups (not by the Government which is bound by the so called "freedom of speech" ) and sales of his book can  be prevented by using methods that border on the  illegal but which are quite effective. Some such method was tried by Moore's initial publisher but he failed to prevent "Stupid White Men" from making its appearance and being a bestseller.
Your country is great. It allows people like Moore to have  their say.
I suspect Noam Chomsky must be another embarrassment for the traditional American but  he is a favorite among those  of us outside USA, who don't agree with your policies. Noam has brains. He is a true intellectual and is much more dangerous. In contrast, Moore is merely a whistle blowing  entertainer.
I have yet to see Fahrenheit 9/11 about which I have heard a lot.
Moore's book was written before the elections and he had made a strong case for not re-electing Bush and had come up with a lot of interesting but naive suggestions on how to accomplish the task. He had  even proposed Oprah Winfrey for President. I love her shows and respect her a lot but I would rather not have her in the White House. She is not cut out for politics and I stopped taking Moore's  views too seriously after reading this part of his book.
At the end of it all, Americans had a good laugh at Moore and his book and finally  voted for Bush overwhelmingly.
This time Moore can't blame the US Supreme court for the result. He must have been greatly chastened at the result.
I don't choose to read  books based on my likes and dislikes of the author and his views.
If Osama can write well in English, I wouldn't mind reading him too!
Not that I am a fan of either Moore or Osama.
Anything interesting goes for me.
My latest fad is listening to podcasts on my Ipod.
There is a veritable audio feast spread out on the Internet.
More about this later.
Keep in touch.

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