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Re: Sharing Neils tip on Neat Excel Equation Writer

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On Mar 27, 2007, at 7:35 AM, G Vishwanath wrote:

But even after assgining names, wouldn't it be better if:
Instead of:
We have

D x (2xSxE - 1.2xP)

This is what this neat equation writer acoomplishes.
It wouldn't be quite as good because it seems to have moved the D term to the denominator instead of the numerator where it belongs ;-> But your point is taken. It's always great to have a real algebraic expression instead of the R1C1 representation. I'm inclined to go one step further and include the formulas in Word documents as needed, and I prefer the old style typesetting mark-up rather than the equation writer. With a formatted equation in text format it's a very easy matter to add the mark-up symbols to the text for a very professional document that displays the formula and can include the numerical vales as well. I still have a few clients who aren't comfortable unless they can hand check my arithmetic. I may have mistakenly used the wrong pressure or diameter in the formula, but as long as I did the arithmetic right, they're happy that they've verified my answer… Like the people who always add the restaurant tab themselves but never notice if they've been charged for two drinks instead of the one drink they ordered.

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