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Re: Cantilever t-beam

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Good we are getting somewhere.
My question is it reasonable for cantilever beams to have effective widths based on 2 times the cantilever span. This is  based on the fact that a uniformly loaded cantilever beam with a point load one the end with opposite sense of the uniform load is equivalent to a uniformly loaded simple span beam twice as long.
The web width (bw) is one parameter that effects determination of the effective width (be) of the flange, but does not come into play here as the width of distribution cannot exceed span/10.
Here's the deal I have a cantliver span of 10' and a bw=12". This of course would yield a be=12". Hence my question.
That only refers to the distribution of steel in the tension flange. It does not mean the flange is available for strength determination. Your "b" distance is the width of the web. The compression block is at the bottom of the beam, not in the flange.
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thanx but see ACI 318 10.6.6