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Re: cantilever T-beam

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You might look at where the load is applied on the cantilever. Nethercott in Britain then Galambos in the USA gave descriptions of the appropriate length factor for cantilevers. If the load is applied above or below the neutral axis determines whether the beam can buckle sideways. For example, I get involved with a lot of crane runways, e.g. a single monorail beam cantilever, loaded on the bottom flange, cannot buckle to the side as the vertical load is counteracting the tendency to buckle sideways. Hope this helps.

Jason Atwood wrote:
I'm designing a cantilever concrete t-beam. Should I take effective flange based the cantilever or 2 times the cantilever. All references I've looked at (PCA Notes, ACI 318, Wang Salmon) seem to focus on beams supported on each end. I'm leaning towards 2 times the cantilever. What do you say? S. Jason Atwood

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