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Re: Geotech reports

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On 3/30/07, Greene, Al [PTS] <AGFO(--nospam--at)> wrote:
Thanks to all who responded.  Very enlightening.

From: Gerard Madden, SE [mailto:gmse4603(--nospam--at)]
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Subject: Re: Geotech reports

Mark Gilligan wrote:

" Your General Notes or other specifications should not
require that work be done in accordance with the
Geotechnical Report.  That issue is addressed in the
Earthwork Specifications."


A lot of projects I do are small or are residences and the Architect does not generate a separate set of specifications. We refer to the soils report, provide the Soils Engineer's name, contact information, report/file number, and structural design criteria on the general notes. We direct the contractor to follow the recommendations of the soils engineer and soils report and usually the soils engineer is required to be on-site during the foundation work.

I don't see how transposing 38 pages of text, maps, boring logs onto the structural drawings is practical on projects like this.


On 3/30/07, Mark Gilligan <m_k_gilligan(--nospam--at)> wrote:

The problem with the making the geotechnical report a
part of the Contract Documents is that 1) it is not
written in mandadory language and 2) it may discuss a
number of options which you may not want to use.

What should be done is for somebody to edit the
earthwork specification to include the relevant
requirements.  This is likely what your architect is
trying to do.  The Architect/Owner then needs to make
the report itself availible to all bidders so that
they cannot claim that information related to the soil
was hidden from them.

Your General Notes or other specifications should not
require that work be done in accordance with the
Geotechnical Report.  That issue is addressed in the
Earthwork Specifications.

The question then is who edits the earthwork
specification.  In my opinion this should fall to the
Geotech and not the Structural.  The problem is that
many geotechnicals are deficient in this area of
practice.  If somebody else ends up editing this
specification section they should profess their
ignorance of geotechnical issues and require that the
Geotechnical Engineer review and endorse the
specification section.

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