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Re: Geotech reports

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This is becoming more common in heavy underground construction (particularly tunnel work) where the Geotechnical Data Report (boring logs, seismic tests, fracture logs, lab tests, packer tests, etc) are included as data, a Geotechnical Interpretive report giving the Geotechs opinions, and a Geotechnical Baseline Report presenting what conditions the Geotech expects the Contractor to find are part of the contract documents.  The rationale is that it makes the negotiating of changed conditions much more straightforward.  Where the conditions are pretty well known and straightforward, there isn't as much value.
Bill Cain, SE
Berkeley CA
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I have an architect who wants the geotech report text to be part of the contract documents for construction.  I can see it for the bore logs and tests.  Your thoughts?
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