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Re: ListServer Anomaly: Stacks/Queues:LIFO/FIFO and Timezones

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I get the same thing.
I visited Victoria in 2003 and really liked it. I had been there in 1964, but my recollections are kind of dim, mostly because of an alcohol induced haze--I was still in the military then. I would take it over Vancouver where I spent 10 months of which 4 months (winter) were non-stop rain.

Thor Tandy wrote:

Let me know when/if you do visit. Don't wait too long ... Victoria's quickly turning into a regular city ... ain't so quaint as it was in 1979 when I was first washed up on the beach, or even 1991 when I returned here to live. I almost think Smithers is a place to be now :^)


David Topete wrote:

Well, you can blame that one on NAFTA. Actually, it’s pausing for some tea in Victoria. OT: Went to Vancouver a few years back, but couldn’t make it over to Victoria. We’ll make it there soon.

*David A. Topete, SE*


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I've been seeing the same thing here and /I'm/ just across the border.

Thor A. Tandy P.Eng, MIStructE, Struct Eng

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