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Re: single steel PL connections

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What is a "PEMB" column? Are you concerned about the rotational stiffness of the connections?

"Andrew Kester, PE" <akester(--nospam--at)> wrote:
Dealing with single shear plates welded to the webs/flanges of columns, in this specific place PEMB columns by others.
I am looking for AISC guidelines for minimum shear rupture strength of the base SUPPORTING material, ie, the min thickness of the webs/flanges of the columns. I am not responsible for exact analysis of local buckling effects, etc., but I would like to dictate a minimum thickness of the connecting material on our drawings. Now common sense for me would be at least the same thickness as my shear plate.
Looking at the new AISC on pg. 10-11, they give min thicknesses for the webs of the beams being supported in respect to the thickness of the weld and strength of the material, and below that for the SUPPORTING flange or web thickness (in my case, the flange/web of these columns).
I believe this second formula is also valid for a single plate, but in that section I did not find similar formulas and requirements.
tmin= 3.09*D/ Fu
D= # 16ths of an inch of weld
Anyone have an answer?
Andrew Kester, PE
Lake Mary, FL
N:Andrew Kester;PE
FN:Andrew Kester, PE

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