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Re: Lumber Species in Phoenix

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And half of those are illegible.

Bill Allen wrote:

I do remodels all the time and I seldom see grade stamps or connections.

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You're kidding, right?

If you're going to work that far away from home, don't you think you should at least ask someone to take some pictures of grade stamps and connections? Where did you get what information you have?

I must be missing something.

Mike Hemstad

Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Subject: Lumber Species in Phoenix

I have to evaluate adding equipment to an existing wood framed floor in

Phoenix. It is 2x12's at 16" o.c. I assume the typical lumber in Phoenix

is Doug Fir. Is that correct? If so, is north or south? What is the

typical grade number of 2x12's bought off the shelf at Home Depot?



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