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RE: Finally a Little Recognition !!

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An Airline (hint-hint) I purchased a ticket online from has a list of title
suffixes to choose from when entering one's name. Here they are:

Jr., Sr., II, III, M.D., Ph.D., (Ret.), C.P.A., D.D.S., DC, DD, DDSPA, DMD,
DO, DPM, DR, DVM, ESP, Esq., Filho, I, INC, ITF, IV, IX, MDPA, MFCC, MS, ND,
Neto, O.D.P.C., O.F.M., OBS, OD, P.A., PC, PRS, Q.C., R.N., Sobrinho, THD,

Wouldn't it be nice to have an engineer handy, I mean, just in case? God
forbid something should happen mid-flight, I don't know. I guess the VP can
hire one.  (I just hope he's not (Ret.)). How much training do MD's really
get on patients who survive a free fall from 35,000ft? My family will
certainly want to know the name of an Esq..


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