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Re: new PE forming partnership

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I don't doubt that you run into all sorts of structural issues that need to be addressed. I think that for the benefit of the list you should give some examples or a list. I like to think that I cover just about everything that I should ( within the terms of my contract) but I can still learn. Sometimes, the architect says "You don't need to do that". Please, expand a little on this topic.

Donald Bruckman wrote:

Remember, as an architect, I am liable for all kinds of minor structural integrity issues you engineers rarely, if ever, even think about.


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You said that the company that is offering you partnership delivers architectural plans. Are they full blown licensed architects, or just CAD techs that perform architectural services? The reason I ask is around here there are several "Drafting Services" that are fairly knowledgeable CAD techs/ designers but are not licensed architects. They mainly do residential drawings and in FL you need a PE or licensed AIA to sign and seal the drawings. They then look for someone to review, sign, and seal, usually for such a small fee that leads me to believe it is glorified plan stamping. But as an engineer you are signing and sealing the whole set. Now I have picked up a lot about architecture over the years, I worked in an arch and eng office for the first half of my career, but that does not sit right with me. I am OK with an occasional flashing detail or gyp board call out on my small projects, but anything beyond that I don't like to pretend to be an architect. That is just me, and everyone has their own abilities, skill set, and judgment to make.

I would just ask a lot of questions about what kind of services they provide, what projects they do, and what your expected role would be. Also, why are they so eager to jump into a partnership with a brand new PE and not a more seasoned veteran? I am not doubting your abilities just perhaps their intentions...

Good Luck, and definitely involve a lawyer as someone suggested for the business aspects.

Andrew Kester, PE
Principal/Project Manager
ADK Structural Engineering, PLLC
Lake Mary, FL

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