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In a message dated 4/2/07 12:37:49 P.M. Central Daylight Time, fintan(--nospam--at) writes:
Copies to the International Engineers Mailing List.
Engineers worldwide must be impressed with the vision and commitment of the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) and the  IEEE in their major campaign to improve the image of Engineers. It is hoped that the European Engineering Societies and others will follow suit. I have just one concern and that is that the Engineers should be referred to as *Professional Engineers*, otherwise the campaign with increase the public image of train drivers and other so-called Engineers as well ! All approved Graduate Engineers are Professional Engineers. All P.E's etc., are Licensed Professional Engineers in my thinking.
Continuous International publicity is not happening as Journalists will not peruse the VERY MANY International Engineering Society Websites on a regular basis. Paying for publicity may only lead to local coverage.
My idea is to have ONE International Website solely for AWARDS and PRESS RELEASES only. To this end I have constructed a ROUGH SAMPLE DRAFT Website,, as an example to show where Journalists and others could go to at any time with little effort. Engineering Societies would carry their Press Releases and AWARDS on their own Website as usual. These would also be shown on the website, * *. I also have secured the domain name, * *.
Since the electronic Media has no boundaries it is essential that we talk in International terms. The Draper Prize is supposed to be International but very few Engineers let alone the general public outside the U.S have ever heard of it.
Support for this idea would be appreciated.
I would like to mention something that I suggested before. This century has produced possibly the most distinguished and inventive Engineers of all time. It is true to say that many are reaching old age and may not be with us for much longer. Respecting these Engineers with Awards is not enough as the general public internationally might not be privileged to the publicity associated with these awards. See High Profile Engineers,  My idea is to have a ONE-OFF International function for all of these Engineers. If any of these Engineers do not wish to attend, well this is their prerogative. The International Media attention for such an event would be enormous and would be EXTREMELY helpful for the image of the profession. As well it would be becoming. Where are the Societies with vision and an International focus? !!
Finally, I feel that not enough is being done to promote the Technologist and Technician professions. It is in the interest of Engineers to do so in parallel with promoting Engineers. As well, efforts should be made to ensure that Engineers in underdeveloped countries protect Engineers and not go down the road that we went down. Both of these issues do or will impact on the image of Engineers Internationally.
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