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RE: Stone House

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Just had a memory - didn't the Whole Earth Catalog feature building with stone?  I think they used the method where you build wood forms, place the stones in the forms against the inner and outer faces of the forms, and pour mortar in.  I believe they showed rebar in between the stones.  This would have to be done in low height lifts.




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Jim Lutz wrote:

"I ran across a slim volume once entitled "The Stone Skeleton -

Structural Engineering of Masonry Architecture" by Jacques Heyman,

Cambridge University Press, 1995. You might be able to get it from

Amazon. It gets into the theory of load transfer for unreinforced

masonry, but its focus is mostly monumental structures. "


Jim is right--this is a fascinating book about cathedrals, but not really written to address mortar-masonry construction on the scale most of us would work at.  Still, a great read.


Other writers have been correct when they have noted that the important part is the mortar, and getting it to bond--especially to fieldstone.  Real helpful so far, aren't I?


I've always thought a good way to build a real wall with stone would be to build the stone wall as the outside surface, embedding wire ties in the mortar; then forming off the back face with plywood and wales using the wire ties; then placing reinforcing and s-l-o-w-l-y filling with concrete.  This way, the reinforced concrete wall carries all vertical and lateral load. Never tried it, though.  If anyone has or does, please let me know how it works.


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