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Re: California SB 1175 & AB 127

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What ever became of this proposed bill?
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From: Tom Skaggs
Sent: Wednesday, September 27, 2006 9:25 AM
Subject: California SB 1175 & AB 127

Recently one of our field staff forwarded an e-mail regarding California Senate Bill 1175 and California Assembly Bill 127.  The e-mail implied that the bill would eliminate DSA Inspections.  I did some web research on the topic.  Since I?m not a lawyer, I very well may have gotten lost in the bill?s language.  But, from my interpretation of these two bills, it appears that the bills are redefining the ?Field Act? for California community colleges.  This redefinition would essentially mandate that the California Building Code (w/o DSA Amendments) would be the governing building code.  Thus, California community colleges would be exempt from any and all DSA requirements.  Here are my questions:
  1. Is this on anybody?s radar screen?
  2. Am I mistaken in the scope of these bills?
  3. It appears that AB 127 is wrapped together with a larger school bond package that will be on November ballot?  Can one explain why these two bills were not enacted as law w/ Gov. Schwarzenegger?s signature.
Several of our member?s products are used for DSA projects.  I?m trying to get a better understanding on how this bill would affect our members products.
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