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Re: Garage sizes

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Check with the local planning and zoning agency having jurisdiction. The zoning code generally defines what a minimum size legal parking space is and what clearances (if inside a building) are required. These sizes typically vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction although are typically in the approximately 8' x 20' range.
Bill Cain, SE
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Subject: Garage sizes

I know this is not an engineering question but I thought I would give it a try considering there are some architects on this list server.  My question is; Is there a legal definition of the minimum size of a 2 car garage?  I have a home owner dispute on whether a garage is a 2 car or 1+ car garage.  With today’s large SUV’s what used to hold 2 cars can barely hold 1 H2.  I always thought if the garage door was 8’ or 9’ wide then it would be considered 1 car and if the door was 16’ wide then it would be a 2 car.  This may be one of those in the eye of the beholder questions but any help would be appreciated.
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