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RE: Garage sizes

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Nearly every jurisdiction will have standard stall sizes codified in their zoning code.  You need to check the jurisdiction in which the garage was built.  I’ll tell you that there is no way 16’ clear inside width of a garage could accommodate two cars, even compacts.  You need at least 15-18” outside the car door to get in and out, so although you could get the cars into the garage, you’d have to crawl out the window to exit the vehicle.


FTR, most stalls are around 9 feet wide, and there is usually an extra allowance for stalls adjacent walls.


City of LA has fairly typical standard and theirs is 8’-8’ plus 10 inches clear to the wall, or 9’-6” per stall.  So you see, a 16’ wide garage falls a full 3 feet short of the required width.


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I know this is not an engineering question but I thought I would give it a try considering there are some architects on this list server.  My question is; Is there a legal definition of the minimum size of a 2 car garage?  I have a home owner dispute on whether a garage is a 2 car or 1+ car garage.  With today’s large SUV’s what used to hold 2 cars can barely hold 1 H2.  I always thought if the garage door was 8’ or 9’ wide then it would be considered 1 car and if the door was 16’ wide then it would be a 2 car.  This may be one of those in the eye of the beholder questions but any help would be appreciated.


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