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Re: Site Specific Analysis Sds and Sd1 values

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I believe there is another clause if the building is located in regions with S1 > 0.6g then use
Cs=0.5S1/(R/I) but that does not appear to be applicable here....

On 4/12/07, Anantha Narayan C.K. <anant_27(--nospam--at)> wrote:
I have a question pertaining to computing Sds and Sd1 values from the values of a site specific analysis.
Here is the information.
Site Class = D
Ss = 0.48 g
S1 = 0.177 g
Fa = 1.42 and Fv=2.09
I used the procedures from IBC Section 1615.1.3 and used Sds = 2/3 Ss Fa and Sd1 = 2/3 S1 Fv to arrive at Sds = 0.4544 g and Sd1 = 0.2466 g.
However, in the structural notes of the job I am peer reviewing , the Ss and S1 values are reported as Sds and Sd1. Is there any place in the code that allows the use of Ss as Sds and S1 and Sd1. 
Any input on use of site specific geotech information to interpret design level seismic forces is appreciated.
Structural Engineer
Bliss and Nyitray Inc.
Miami, FL - 33134

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