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California Bearing Ratio

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We have this project wherein we already prepared the sub-base for the road construction.
However, the rigging subcontractor provided us the required surface soil bearing capacity in order that the 300-tonner crane to be used for the heavy lifting of towers will not tilt during the said course of activity.
Since we do not have time to conduct plate load test, we are trying to use the laboratory CBR value for the sub-base for the computation of the sub-base soil bearing capacity.
Is it possible to calculate the sub-base soil bearing capacity with the following values?
CBR @100% of MDD (%): 90
CBR @95% of MDD (%): 53
Maximum density of sub-base:2319 kg/m3
Optimum moisture content (%): 5.70
Condition of Sample: Soaked
If it is possible, can some provide the value for the soil bearing capacity.

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