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Train Loading & Box Culvert Program

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AREA is now AREMA. I believe E80 is 'typical' but subject to amendment by local railroad.

Who is handling the permitting?

I did some bridges and a culvert in south Florida a couple of years ago. If I remember correctly, I think there's some simplified provisions for the culverts. You have to meet the specified earth cover etc though.

I think FDOT's culvert program is also easily configurable to other loads.

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Subject: Train Loading & Box Culvert Program

Two part question:

1)  I have not worked on a railroad project in several years.  When I did,
the design live load was the AREA Cooper E80.  Is that still typically used?
Or is there a new and improved live load?

2)  Can any recommend a cast-in-place box culvert program that will handle
custom live load - say for example, the AREA Cooper E80?  All of the
programs that I have seen are specifically for AASHTO highway loads.

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