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Re: Converting PLT files or AutoCad output to TIFF format

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Dear Dennis,

'tifout' is just like a PrintScreen, that is, useless. Sorry.
I would do the following:

1. In Print dialog, choose a pc3 printer settings file named
"PublishToWebPNG.pc3" as your printer.
2. Set up your printing options and paper format (in pixels).
3. 'Print' and save a PNG file; it will look just like a hard copy
(like, say, PDF). Pay attention to resolution and file size.
4. Convert it to TIFF with any freeware image viewer/converter.

p.s. Here at my location, we charge avg. $1.2 per C1 format
(914x594mm) in colour, regardless of format, if it was just lines
without any images. It's a pity we cannot ship paper copies via half
of the globe :). Yet it would work for electronic drafing services, by
the way.

Alexander Bausk, bauskas(--nospam--at)
Specialized in CAD management, engineering, safety assessment.
Feel free to contact - I'm looking for international experience.

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