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RE: Converting PLT files or AutoCad output to TIFF format

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For plotting to TIFF directly from Autocad you need to create an Autocad (pc3) TIFF Plotter. Then you can print to it from Autocad like any other plotter.

Options>Plot and Publish>Add or Configure Plotters>Add-a-Plotter Wizard>Next>My Computer>Next>Raster File Formats>TIFF (Compressed or Uncompressed)>Next>Next>Next>Finish.


Not sure about converting PLT files.


In order to create a TIFF from a DWF you can use Microsoft Document Image Writer combined with ADR which is now FREE from Autodesk (link below).

The MDIW is a printer that installs automatically with Microsoft Office. You can configure this to print to TIFF although you will also have to configure MDIW for a custom page size (24x36 or whatever you use). Then just print to the MDIW from ADR. If you don’t have Microsoft Office, then from what others are saying, it sounds like you can print to Adobe PDF from ADR and then print to TIFF from there.


Either way I recommend printing your DWG to DWF first because the Autocad “Publish” command allows you to print ALL or some of your layouts at the same time WITHOUT having to change the plotter settings for each layout.

Then you can use ADR to print to PDF or MDIW.


Good luck.


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